Plantar Fasciitis

Female foot heel pain, Woman's problem concept

Plantar Fasciitis.  What a hot topic these days!  I currently have three patients that came in with the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis within the last couple of weeks, either from self-diagnosis or from other medical professionals.  How many were actually plantar fasciitis? One.  That is not as much of a concern as the duration that many of these individuals are dealing with the pain!  Months!  Years!  That is crazy!

But the reason why plantar fasciitis is often not the actual diagnosis is because it is a garbage can term, something all-encompassing that does not exactly explain what is going on.  So our job is to figure out (if you truly have “plantar fasciitis”), why you are having the symptom of plantar fasciitis.  In other words, what caused you to have plantar fasciitis.  In the first part of our most recent workshop on plantar fasciitis, Steve Vighetti, owner and physical therapist of Vighetti & Associates Sports Physical Therapy begins with discussing just that, the causes, in addition to the common signs and symptoms.  Learn all about it in the video below!

If you haven’t heard a treatment for plantar fasciitis…well I am not sure that’s possible as it seems that everyone and their brother has heard of some kind of treatment.  But Kirsten Heath, physical therapist, in the video below discusses more traditional, or as she notes old school types of treatment versus more current treatments.  She uses evidence based research to show you the most effective and beneficial types of treatment to help rid the causes for plantar fasciitis pain and get you back to being active.  Check it out!

Hopefully those that attended the Plantar Fasciitis workshop learned something informative as well as those who will view it online!  If any comments, questions or concerns regarding these exercises please feel free to comment below, contact your local area physical therapist or if you are in the St. Augustine, FL area contact us at or 904-516-8121.