Physical Therapy

You have OVER 1906 structures that could be causing you pain.  At Vighetti & Associates Sports Physical Therapy we are able to help:

  • Relieve what may be causing you pain
  • Prevent future injury
  • Improve your performance

knee painAcute pain in a shoulder at the young women.back pain

Our physical therapy treatment specializes in manual therapy with a hands-on approach with our patients that is supplemented with some exercise and a home exercise program.  Education of our patients is also key in helping them help themselves and prevent future injury and improve their performance.  Ultimately, the results that we receive with our patients is what sets us apart, just check out below!

The Beautiful Ms. Julie


This wonderful woman is one of our many success stories.  She came to us in August 2014 with severe back and sciatic pain with the goal of avoiding surgery and returning to her normal lifestyle. We are proud to say that before the end of 2014 she has returned to a very active job completely pain free and without surgery.  She is a great example of what Vighetti & Associates Sports Physical Therapy attentive services and a patient’s hard work can do!  So happy for you Ms. Julie!

Sports Physical Therapy