Functional Movement/Injury Screen

Experiencing pain?  Looking to have your movement patterns assessed?  Injury prevention?  Improve your performance?

Our physical therapist, Kirsten Heath, PT, DPT, OCS is trained in performing functional movement screens and the Y balance test (along with her doctoral education in physical therapy) and is here to perform complimentary screens for injury or function.  With pain concerns, she will be performing a quick physical therapy screen to determine the possible source of pain and potentially provide you with treatment strategies to address the source as appropriate.  With the functional movement screens, Kirsten is able to assess how individuals move and how they can prevent injury and/or improve performance through sports, hobbies and work.

FMS Exercises
Aspects of the Functional Movement Screen

Schedule an appointment with physical therapist Kirsten Heath, for a complimentary movement or injury screen depending on your need TODAY!

  • FREE 15 minute session with a licensed physical therapist
  • Education on strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of flexibility, gait and body symmetry
  • Education on how to rectify noted findings

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